Revolutionising Spinal Care: Keyhole Surgery

Fully endoscopic spinal surgery, often referred to as Keyhole Surgery, represents a groundbreaking technological advancement in the field of spinal care. This innovative approach enables intricate spinal procedures to be performed through an endoscope or specialised camera optic system.

A Legacy of Keyhole Excellence

The concept of performing complex surgeries through keyhole technology has a rich history, having been employed in orthopedic knee and shoulder surgeries. Over time, spinal keyhole surgery has evolved, harnessing the power of advancing technology to perform increasingly complex procedures in a minimally invasive manner. Keyhole techniques are associated with reduced blood loss, minimal tissue damage, and faster recovery and rehabilitation.

From Disc Herniation to Versatile Solutions

Initially introduced in the 1970s, the keyhole approach focused primarily on addressing disc herniation through the foramen or tunnel (Read More). However, in the 1990s, surgeons expanded its applications, embracing interlaminar techniques. This adaptability transformed the approach into “Fully Endoscopic Spinal Surgery.” Today’s 3rd and 4th generation surgeons can perform a wide range of complex spinal procedures, pushing the boundaries of minimally invasive spinal surgery.

The Evolutionary Leap: Why Endoscopic Spinal Surgery?

The evolution of spinal surgery from traditional techniques to loupes (eyeglasses), microscopes, and tubes has aimed to minimize tissue damage and provide a better visual field for surgeons. Endoscopic spinal surgery marks another milestone in this progression, potentially becoming the gold standard in the future.

Keyhole Solutions for Spinal Pathologies

Endoscopic spinal surgery offers keyhole solutions for conditions like disc herniation (slipped disc/disc bulge/sciatica) and stenosis. This novel technique minimizes damage to soft tissues, reduces post-operative blood loss and inflammation, and promotes early mobilization for enhanced recovery and rehabilitation.

Approach Variety

Depending on the specific pathology, the procedure can be performed through:

  • Interlaminar approach
  • Transforaminal approach
  • Extraforaminal approach

Illustration of interlaminar approach

Personalized Consultation

Details of the pathology and the chosen approach will be discussed during a consultation prior to the surgery, ensuring tailored solutions for each patient’s unique needs.

Unlock the potential of fully endoscopic spinal surgery for a brighter, minimally invasive spinal health future.

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