I am Mr. Narendra Kumar Rath, a Consultant Spinal Surgeon at The Walton Centre, known for my expertise in spinal pathology. My journey began in the tribal region of Odisha, India, where my parents’ service in the Armed Forces instilled in me discipline and strong interpersonal skills.

I completed my medical education in India before venturing to the UK for advanced surgical training. I achieved a prestigious Completion of Training (CCT) in Trauma and Orthopaedics, solidifying my commitment to the field. My passion for spinal surgery led me to a fellowship at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, where I specialized in deformity correction and minimally invasive techniques.

My practice covers the full spectrum of spinal care, with a particular emphasis on Endoscopic Spinal Surgery (Keyhole surgery) and deformity correction. At The Walton Centre, a renowned Centre of Excellence in Neurosciences, I’ve had the privilege of broadening my skills to include neurosurgical aspects of spinal surgery.

Beyond my profession, I’m captivated by the rich history and natural beauty of the region. Additionally, my fascination with the legacy of sports in the area, particularly Liverpool Football and Rugby, has always been a source of inspiration. I approach life with an easy-going demeanor, and I’m dedicated to providing the highest level of care to my patients. You can trust me as your choice for top-notch spinal care.

MBBS India

Prestigious MGM Medical College Indore India. Previously known as Kind Edward medical school was established in 1878 and was one of the earliest medical schools in Asia. It is rated one of the best medical colleges nationally and internationally and I also share the same pride.

Core Surgical training

All Wales Core Surgical Training
Initial core surgical was focused on plastic surgery and Accident and Emergency. This formed the base for early orthopaedic training by providing variation and tissue handling skill set.

Trauma and Orthopaedic & Spine Specialist Training

As a part six-year specialist Orthopaedic training I was able to manage and undertake majority of the joint related conditions. This indeed helped me to further widen my knowledge and ability to identify conditions apart for spine due to the overlap of conditions. My basic spinal training during this period was at University Hospital of Wales Cardiff. I was awarded CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) from Royal college of Surgeons. Presented and published in many national and international platforms.

Masters in Trauma Surgery

I was awarded masters following two years of training in management of trauma patients.

Higher Spinal Training

My higher spinal training was concluded at the prestigious Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital Oswestry. It gave me the opportunity explore all aspects of spine related conditions and the ability to manage these pathologies in a safe manner in the best interest of the patients.

Basic Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Fellowship

During my training at Oswestry, I was fascinated by the concept of Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery, and it advantages. Have been trained in keyhole surgery during General Surgery and Orthopaedic, I could not stop myself from traveling to Germany to visit Prof. Rutten at St. Anna hospital. It was an eye-opening experience and further cemented my believe regarding Endoscopic Spinal surgery. During my stay I was able to appreciate the variety of spinal procedures that can be performed by The Keyhole concept with minimal trauma to patient.

The Walton Centre Liverpool

Joined the prestigious institute in 2018 and since have developed Endoscopic Spinal Service. I have expanded my skills with Robotic Spinal Surgery to facilitate Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery.

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