Facet Joint Injections:
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Roles

Facet joint injections are same-day procedures commonly performed under local anesthesia. They are typically conducted under fluoroscopy (a type of portable X-ray), and in some cases, a CT scan may be used for complex cases. These injections serve a dual purpose: diagnosing the source of back pain (Diagnostic role) and providing treatment (Therapeutic role).

Model of the lumbar spine showing the facet joints and nerve roots

Procedure Highlights:

  • Same-Day: Facet joint injections are completed on the same day.
  • Guidance: Fluoroscopy or CT scans aid in precision.
  • Admission: You’re admitted on the procedure day for checks.
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is used, sometimes with sedatives.
  • Needle Placement: A needle is guided using X-ray for precise placement.
  • Medication: A mix of local anesthetic and steroids is injected.
  • Roles: Diagnostic – identifies pain source; Therapeutic – treats the condition.
  • Post-Procedure: You may be monitored briefly before discharge.

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